Hurtigruten: 12 day Roundtrip Norwegian Fjords

The world’s most beautiful voyage

Discover the beauty of Norway’s coastline where every season provides an ever-changing backdrop to a journey of matchless wonder. Choose the 12-day Classic Round Voyage or enjoy one of our shorter journeys. On the next few pages you can learn more about our journeys during the different seasons.

Daily departures all year

Take a 12-day roundtrip Bergen voyage, a 7-day Bergen-Kirkenes voyage or a 6-day Kirkenes-Bergen voyage on Hurtigruten which offers daily departures from Bergen and Kirkenes. Each voyage both northbound and southbound calls at 34 ports! The ports visited during the day on the northbound voyage is called at during the night on the southbound cruise, and vice versa. The 12-day roundtrip Bergen voyage covers the 1,250-mile fjord coast of Norway.


In Spring (15 Mar – 31 May ) the warmth returns to the shores of Norway and sunlight rejuvenates life along the coastline. Rising higher and higher each day, the sun works overtime to thaw the frozen land.
The Land of the Midnight Sun truly lives up to its name during Summer(1 Jun – 14 Sept ).The extended daylight, lasting 24 hours a day above the Arctic Circle, makes every Norwegian ‘night’ a joy to behold.
As summer fades and changes to Autumn(15 Sept -31 Oct ) , watch the coastline shift colours from one season to another. Along the Norwegian shores the clear air strengthens the reds and yellows which fill the mountain sides, hilltops and woods. Autumn is a tranquil time on board Hurtigruten, and you get the time to enjoy the bright colours, the fresh air and the beautiful scenery we pass.
A Winter (1 Nov -31 Dec , 1 Jan – 14 Mar ) expedition along the coast of Norway is a refreshing experience. The landscape is covered in pure white snow and the air is fresh, pure and crisp. This is a special time to explore Norway’s northern reaches with Hurtigruten, when you can experience a magical winter wonderland and hopefully see the mesmerising Aurora Borealis.
Throughout the seasons, Hurtigruten offers a wide range of experiences for you take home.
Midnight Sun
Northern lights
Norwegian Fjords
Coastal excursions


Days 1-7 Northbound voyage

Day 1 Embarkation in Bergen

Take time to explore Bergen before we depart. In the evening, your Hurtigruten voyage sets sail through the Hjeltefjord, following in the wake of the Vikings who ventured from here to the Shetland Islands and beyond.

Day 2 Ålesund and Geirangerfjord

Enjoy the nature of the coastline as you sail towards Ålesund. From mid-April, your next destination will be the spectacular UNESCO listed Geirangerfjord, where you will pass sheer, 800m cliffs and impressive waterfalls.


H-AES2A Geiranger Panorama 1
2B Geiranger with Trollstigen pass
H-AES2C Art Nouveau tour, Ålesund
H-AES2D Atlanterhavsparken Aquarium and Mount Aksla
H-TVK2E RIB-Expedition To Runde Bird
2F A Taste of Norway


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Day 3 The Royal City of Trondheim

In Trondheim, be sure to enjoy the views from the Gamle Bybrua (“Old Town Bridge”), which dates back to 1861. Nidaros Cathedral, built between 1070 and 1300, is Norway’s largest Gothic edifice. In the afternoon you set a northwest course, passing the beautiful Kjeungskjær lighthouse and numerous charming islets and rocky outcrops.


H-TRD3A Nidaros Cathedral & Ringve Museum
H-TRD3B Trondheim with Nidaros Cathedral
H-TRD3C Sverresborg, Trøndelag Folk Museum
H-TRD3D Trondheim City Walk
H-TRD3E Munkholmen


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Day 4 Arctic Circle and Lofoten Islands

This morning you cross the Arctic Circle and by evening you reach the Lofoten Islands. This archipelago is renowned for its many quaint, picturesque fishing villages surrounded by majestic mountains.


H-ORS4A Glacier Adventure, Svartisen
H-BOO4D RIB Safari, Saltstraumen
H-STU4E Lofotr Viking Feast
H-STU4F Lofotr Viking Feast Summer

Day 5 Tromsø, the gateway to the Arctic

After a stop in Harstad you continue via Finnsnes to Tromsø for a longer stay. Many of the epic Arctic expeditions used Tromsø as a starting point. Why not join us on an optional miniature kayak expedition!


H-TOS5A The Arctic Capital Tromsø
H-TOS5B Dog Sledging
H-TOS5C Scenery & Huskies
H-TOS5D Polar History Walk
H-FNS5E/5F Wilderness Adventure Camp
H-TOS5G Kayaking

Day 6 Honningsvåg and the North Cape

Our day starts by sailing through Magerøysund before an early stop in Hammerfest. After a brief stop in Havøysund you arrive in Honningsvåg, the gateway the spectacular North Cape. Visiting the North Cape Plateau on an optional excursion, you get an eerie sense of being at the end of the world. As well as being continental Europe’s northernmost point this area is also known for its birdlife, and springtime is when the birds return. Before Kjøllefjord a local fisherman will demonstrate traditional fishing techniques out on deck.


H-HVG6A The North Cape
H-HVG6A Sami Autumn
H-HVG6B Bird-watching Safari
H-KJD6C A Taste of Lapland
H-KJD6D Snowmobile Trip in Lapland

Day 7 Kirkenes, the voyage turning point

The last port of the northbound voyage is Kirkenes. At longitude 30°E, you are actually further east than Istanbul and St. Petersburg. In spring you may still be able to participate in our winter activities and excursions.


H-KKN7H Birds of the Arctic
H-KKN7B The Russian Border
H-KKN7B Riverboat Safari
H-KKN7C Snowmobile Safari
H-KKN7D Kirkenes Snow Hotel
H-KKN7E ATV/Quad-Safari to the Russian Border
H-KKN7E Arctic Bushcraft
H-KKN7F Husky Adventure

Day 7 Kirkenes, the voyage south begins

As we turn south, the northbound ports previously visited at night can now be seen by day. In the afternoon the ship docks in Vardø, Norway’s easternmost port. Weather permitting, we may invite you to experience ice bathing in the Arctic Ocean! Local divers will display and lecture about the life in the ocean out on deck.

Day 8 Hammerfest and Tromsø

Discover a hidden part of Finnmark on our optional excursion to the North Cape for breakfast. Our next stop, Hammerfest, was founded in 1789, and in its time was Norway’s polar capital, acting as a base for hunting expeditions to the high Arctic. In the majestic Lyngen Alps area we sometimes rendezvous with a local shrimp trawler. Our next stop will be Tromsø, where you can enjoy The Arctic Cathedral whilst attending an optional midnight concert.


H-HVG8A Breakfast at the North Cape
H-HFT8B The Northernmost Town in the World, Hammerfest
H-MEH8F Snowmobile Trip in the Polar Night
H-TOS8C Midnight Concert in the Arctic Cathedral


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Day 9 Vesterålen and Lofoten Islands

The Vesterålen and Lofoten Islands are amongst today’s highlights. In the morning we transit Risøyrenna, a channel that was specially made for Hurtigruten. You continue through the narrow Raftsund, the picturesque channel between the Vesterålen and Lofoten Islands, where you’ll take a detour into the spectacular Trollfjord where steep cliffs hug the ship’s sides (time and weather permitting). Here you can also join our optional spectacular Sea Eagle Safari.


H-HRD9A A Taste of Vesterålen
H-SVJ9B Lofoten Islands
H-SKN9C Sea Eagle Safari
H-SVJ9E RIB-Adventure in Lofoten


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Day 10 Arctic Circle, Seven sisters

The Helgeland coast with its hundreds of islets, fertile farmland and steep granite walls is rich in local lore. Legends include that of the Seven Sisters – a row of
mountain peaks, and of how an arrow fired by the troll Hestmannen formed the hole in Torghatten mountain.


 H-SSJ10B UNESCO Islands Vega

Day 11 Trondheim and Kristiansund

Leaving Trondheim in the morning, passing the islands of Munkholmen and Hitra, we stop at Kristiansund, then cross the open sea to Molde, known as the ‘city of roses’ with its unusually rich, lush plant life courtesy of its Gulf Stream location.


H-TRD11A Trondheim with Nidaros Cathedral
H-TRD11B Sverresborg, Trøndelag Folk museum
H-KSU11C The Atlantic Road
H-TRD11D Trondheim City Walk

Day 12 Bergen, disembarkation

This morning, you still have a few nautical miles of fascinating scenery ahead. We sail through the Bergen archipelago before arriving in Bergen itself, which has
given its visitors a warm welcome for more than 900 years.


H-BGO12A Bergen City Sightseeing


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*Note: Some excursions are not available for the entire season.

Price includes:

  • Voyage in cabin grade of your choice on a full board basis
  • English speaking tour leader on board
  • Entrance fee to the Hurtigruten Museum (except on The Voyage North, due to the schedule)

Not included:

  • Transfers
  • Optional excursions
  • Luggage handling

Please note:

  • All prices shown are in EUR (€)s per person, based on two people sharing a twin cabin, voyage only.
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Prices may change at any time before departure date, the applicable price will be quoted at the time of booking.

Important information

  • All guests must have a valid passport or government ID card on board.
  • We recommend taking a small amount of Norwegian Kroner (NOK) in cash, but all major credit cards are accepted on board.
  • You must provide your own travel insurance. Please provide us with the name and contact details of your insurer.
  • We recommend you take only hand luggage you can carry with you. Please pack any medications, passports, and other essentials in your hand luggage at all times.
  • There are no safety deposit boxes on board and Hurtigruten cannot accept liability for any loss. You may check in valuable at reception to be held in the ship’s safe.
  • 220v AC, 2 pin Continental type electricity is used on board. Please bring your own adaptor if needed.
  • We want your voyage to be as pleasant as possible. Hygiene is an essential part of this. Please be especially careful with hand hygiene during your voyage. Anti bacterial hand gel is available throughout the ship.
  • There is an Internet cafe on board (except MS Lofoten) but the bandwidth is narrow and reception intermittent. Wifi is also available in most public areas on board.
  • Laundry rooms are available on all ships.
  • It is safe to drink tap water on board.
  • There is no doctor or pharmacy on board and medical assistance is availabl at ports, or in an emergency, by helicopter. The ships are rarely far from land.

What to bring

  • Informal clothing
  • Water and windproof jacket
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Cap/hat
  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Swimsuit
  • Backpack
  • Sun glasses
  • Binoculars

Useful information

Maritime Expressions

  • Stern - Rear of the ship
  • Bow - Front of the ship
  • Starboard - Right side of the ship
  • Port - Left side of the ship
  • Bridge - The area from which the ship is navigated
  • Cruise card - Onboard payment card
  • Gangway - Walkway between land and sea
  • Knot - Speed of the ship, nautical mile (1.852km)
  • Stabilisers - Ship equipment to counteract roll caused by wind or waves

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